Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chill bros. It's just autumn.

With this week's chilly weather came the apocalypse of the Year of the Summer Jams. Tuesday morning, all 7 inches and cassette tapes and free (or $250) sunglasses produced, bought, and stolen this year were shelved in exchange for stocking caps, mittens, and, I don't know, Björk or Skinny Love or whatever it is that people listen to when it's cold out.

Or not. I never understood/bought into the Summer Jams concept (which doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy a ton of the summer jams themselves). Obviously, unless 'winter' is in the title or something, music can be enjoyed in all seasons. Most has nothing to do with any particular season. Some of the 'Summer Jams' this year didn't explicitly market itself as such, but certainly most of them did.
Real Estate
Beach Fossils
Best Coast
Pearl Harbour
Rainbow Bridge
Washed Out
'deadbeat summer'
Memory/Weird Cassette/Tapes
all of underwater peoples' stuff
lefse records comp
crocodiles' 'summer of hate'
etc etc etc

In mid-July, Patrick emailed me the pitchfork track review of Rainbow Bridge's 'big wave rider' along with part of that list of bands and other musings on the ridiculous nature of this seemingly created-by-blog niche that so many new bands were so eager to create music for. Seems like no one gets it. I wonder what No Age Guy would say about it.

My question is, now that summer's over, what's gonna happen to these bands? Are they going to go into hibernation (serious question)? Is anyone actually going to care less about them now that it's fall? How important was the summery aspect of their music, really? Sure, people are going to listen to Beach Boys more in the summer, but will the same hold true for Neon Indian? When these bands put out new singles this winter, are they going to still be 'summer songs' if they sound the same as ones from June?

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  1. as the girl who listens to the smiths and bon iver in summer... yeah, yeah, i'll listen to summer jams all winter.