Monday, February 23, 2009

Post-Post Pavillion

went to sleep early last night to make up for two late weekend nights, and i kept waking up during the night so i just decided to get out of bed and start my day at 6 45. I used to have to be up at 6 or 6 15 every day in high school because various organizations i was in required me to get to school at 7:00. It's hard to image getting up then... I have probably been up before Rheta's opened for breakfast less than ten times this whole year.

i stopped writing in this because i decided my next post would be about merriweather post pavillion. Since my order at the exclusive company i placed before the semester started arrived two weeks ago, i've listened to it about five times. It is very good. That's all I need to say.

Animal Collective is verging on taking over my life.. constantly in my head and playing in my room. I am nervous that i will get tired of them. I think their varied catalog is keeping me from getting exhausted, which is great. As with of Montreal, Ben Folds, or anyone else with 4 or more albums on my itunes, i can listen to an album to the max and just move to the next. So, take note, bands that dangle a second album on the distant horizon: let's get going.

I feel that i'm in the prime of my college life. Not because it will never get better, but because it is okay with me. I get up, rush to class, sit on the ground because I can't get the nerve to crawl across people, eat lunch with a friend, go to class some more, and then spend the rest of the day however i want. If i feel like being productive, I go to the library and am productive. If i feel like loafing, I loaf. I can call someone up and meet up to eat or I can get on a random bus and see where it goes. Sure, there's poor test grades and there are countless embarrassing freshman moments and there's endless concern over girls, but that's all there is. No mouths to feed, no 9-5, no getting up before 8 30. My life is so good that my biggest problems can be disappointing test scores, you know? Which, in a way, is great.

Also, friends. During first semester I made a fair amount of friends and a bunch of aquaintances. Almost as soon as second semester started, I met scads of new people and solidified a good number of past acquaintances into close friends. This is the most incredible thing. I owe my good fortune to music committee. I am so glad such a group exists here. All I ever do is listen to music, think about music, talk about music, read about music, make music, and i often felt with a lot of my friends in high school that it was annoying to them, though most of them would never say it. It's so funny to sit down to dinner with john and todd, because it's often what's on their minds as well. I am very curious to see how important music committee and the people on it will be in future years here.

Also, partially because this blog is named for one of their songs, I feel the need to write that The Thermals are coming to Madison. I am incredibly excited. If you're reading this and feel the same way, please drop a comment. If you haven't heard the thermals, let me know and I will send their best to you.

The Thermals - Now We Can See

-Listen to 'No Culture Icons', then the rest of what's on there. Buy all albums. Come to the High Noon Saloon on April 28th with 12 dollars. Enjoy.

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