Wednesday, March 25, 2009

trepidation party

SooOo nervous for new voxtrot. Danielle Bade says "Pitchfork agrees with me that Trepanation Party blows chunks. They gave it a 4." This is sort of alarming but mostly because I feel like 'the great d'bader' + p4k are ganging up on me (kinda like Patrick Tillz + 'people who buy cds' ganging up on Pet'ruby 4 buying burial on vinyl).

Is voxtrot

a) piggybacking on the mid '00s synth trend [via Killers]
b) participating in the 'wtf album' release trend [ via kanye west]
c) trying to alienate fans who will accept garbage releases/not listen 'critically'
d) making their music more 'remixable/bloggable'
e) trying to get associated with a genre other than 'twee'
f) obsessed with this year's New Order reissues
g) trying to impress women who are obsessed with this year's New Order reissues
h) choose.your.own.response


*blows trepanation chunks at awful HRo ripoff post*/
*uses asterisks like a seventh-grade girl on AIM*


  1. h) accidentally blowing chunks until a strongly/gently worded letter is sent to them by concerned Astrobrando and D.Bade.
    ::starts listening to "TP" but stops out of concern for health::

  2. why HRO format, intensity? WHY?