Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Alright duders and dudetters. Finals are over so I now have free reign over my free time and I'm gonna be blogging hard at you until I get sick of year-end reminiscing (though, it being 22 days into December, most of you have probably been done with that for a while now).

Without further adieu,

A Stare Liike Yours'
(you can't accuse me of taking this blog too seriously, now, can you?)

(this came up on google images under 'zany tweet'. whatever works, hey)

Twitter was certainly one of the most divisive pop-cultur
e discussion pieces this year.
"It's a complete waste of time! Do you really think anyone cares what you have to say?"
"You don't GET it!! It's so much cooler than that!"

Being a self-proclaimed 'twat for twitter', I had a blast communicating with a combo platter of my brothers and celebrities this year. Listed below are a few tweets that got my tweeter tootin'.

br1gid @astrobrando you are not hro. seriously.Clearly does not understand that I Am Carles.

ptilley fuck everybody...i'm listening to "Wavvves" right now

ptilley @astrobrando would like this: MAGIC KIDS http://www.myspace.com/themagickids

and @andymilanokis posting links of him rapping/twitpics of food.

R.I.P. ed droste's twitter.


  1. fuck this list. bro-fi should definitely be on this, and more things by ethan and soulja boy


  2. I don't follow soulja boy, and ethan was the first person I actually knew that used twitter, so he gets a big two thumbs up and a 'dudebro' from me.

    And it's hard to search for individual tweets that I remembered, otherwise diplo's tweet 'kids brush your teeth or i'll come to your house and i'll murder your parents' (re: his cavity) would be on here.

  3. i feel like someone should have made a gay dentists (jfk edit) reference to that

  4. fuck everyone..."no hope kids" is the greatest video of all time


    -Patrick Chilly/Till Wave