Monday, January 5, 2009

This is what you get:

Lately I have been paying a lot more attention to rap music. After years of ignoring, for the most part, most 'mainstream' rap in effort to stay 'alternative' or whatever, I have broken out into the forbidden top 40.

Well, sort of. While 808s & Heartbreak and Tha Carter III did make my Christmas list, I still spend the majority of my time with hip hop on the hype machine looking for zany remixes. When I read (on pitchfork, of course) that a certain Minty Fresh Beats had mashed Jay-Z & Radiohead songs into a 10-song album (titled, ahem, Jaydiohead), I had to give it a listen. If you're into this type of thing, it is definitely worth checking out. Nothing incredible, but interesting nonetheless to hear 'in step' cut up to a 5/4 + 3/4 to work with .

Jaydiohead is available for free download y'all.

While on the topic of mashes, be sure to learn how to create your own via Sue Teller

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