Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adam Raimond vs DJ Shadow

I was looking forward to seeing what Adam had to say about DJ Shadow. In addition to one of them being a big fan of the other, both are tall white guys with facial hair so I consider them to be kindred spirits of some sort. I imagine Shadow will be playing a lot of his classics (though he has been moving in a different direction ever since endtroducing/preemptive strike), but we'll see what ends up happening. Safe to say his set will be awesome either way.

Adam provides commentary:

"I'm just going to pick songs from The Outsider to fuck around... nah not really"

1. Midnight In A Perfect World

"One of them is definitely Midnight In A Perfect World"

2. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)

"Then it's kinda a tough one. I wanna put on either In/Flux or What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2), but not both because each are over like 13 mins"

3. Mashin' On the Motorway

"Then next I'll go with Mashin' On the Motorway b/c it's a good idgaf song. Then can I cheat on this last one?"

4. Boogie Down Productions vs. David Bowie - Jack of Spades vs. Let's Dance

"It was mixed by him. So- Reppin' the obvious, the really obscure, the under-appreciated, and then a good unexpected one."

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