Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gabriel Herrera vs Odd Future

I kicked off this summer with a road trip to Detroit (my first time there) to see Odd Future with some friends. I keep bragging about how the conversations on the way was almost unbelievably nerdy (sorry guys, it's a compliment) about blogging, the cooking dance, hip hop production, etc. Leave it to this guy, then, perhaps the king of pop culture analysis among my friends, to choose OFWGKTA for this project. Gabe writes for Post Library when he's not tumbling.

1. Tyler, The Creator - French

2. Domo Genesis - Rolling Papers (feat. Wolf Haley)

3. Tyler, The Creator - She (feat. Frank Ocean)

4. Frank Ocean - We All Try

Honorable Mention: Mellowhype - Gun Sounds

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