Thursday, July 14, 2011

Caroline Wilson vs Yuck

Wow, I am getting really lazy with formatting photos. I just have so many of these to get up here, which is awesome! This post is courtesy of my friend Caroline. Big ups to her for answering all of the questions I can think to ask about textiles and denim care.

I was very happy to hear she was covering Yuck because I don't know their album too well. When Emily Roehl and I saw them at SXSW playing with James Blake and Smith Westerns we were standing by one of the guys from Consequence of Sound, which I should note is probably the closest I have ever been to quality internet journalism taking place (or quality tweets).

"Yuck is a new band but I see a lot of potential in them. I don't read a lot of music blogs so I don't really know what people and/or critics are saying about them, but I dig it."

1. Georgia

"My favorite off their self-titled/first/only album. This song just sticks with me and sometimes I find myself humming it without realizing. And there's a mix of male/female vocals which I hope they continue with in the future."

2. The Wall

"I have to mention this song. It's great. Love the shoegaze-y/garage-y stuff going on here."

3. Suck

"Because 'Suck' rhymes with 'Yuck'. 'Wait up, wait for me, I've had enough of being young and free.'"

4. Get Away

"The first song on their album and one of the best. I like the way it's kind of messy.

"I know I chose Yuck to talk about but I am still deciding if I want to see How to Dress Well or Yuck. I'm not sure if I can make it to both with my stress fracture and the big festival grounds. I change my mind everyday! I'll have to see what mood I'm in."

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