Monday, May 25, 2009


I was helping my friend Dan pack up and move out of the dorms a few weeks ago. He was playing these mashups by some bro who calls himself 'Speaky'. Apparently Speaky was the one who released an album last spring that was 'accidentally re-tagged' as Girl Talk's then-upcoming Feed the Animals.

Speaky's mashups are instantly recognizable as being different from Girl Talk's. The overall production doesn't sound as good and seems less, I don't know, Girl Talky. I don't know a ton about mashups and couldn't list more than a few mashup djs (the first obvious two being gregg & the hood internet), but it seems like Speaky uses a lot of the same effects that Girl Talk uses, except more often, sometimes to a fault (too much squeaky voice). There is a huge overlap in the samples in Feed the Animals and Mashcore Volume 2, the album that was being passed off being the new Girl Talk. This is pretty weird. Coincidence? Mashcore 2 was released about a half a year earlier. Hm.

Overall, I'd recommend checking out Speaky at the very least. His albums are all free on his website, I'd start with Volume 2.5 and then go for Volume 2. Poor (even poorer?) man's Girl Talk? Maybe. But there are definitely some cool moments (plus more daft punk samples).

Download Speaky's music for free here.

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