Monday, May 25, 2009

punk music

I've always enjoyed listening to different genres of music. I feel that, while seemingly distant, many genres influence and play off each other. I don't listen to everything, but I have ventured into a lot of exciting uncharted territory. Here are two of my favorite punk albums.

Buzzcocks, from England, were an extremely influential late seventies new wave punk band. New Wave was essentially a departure from punk's rough and dirty sound to cleaner, more melodic, and danceable songs. Buzzcocks were not really an album-centric group, and their 'best of', Singles Going Steady, is the album they're best known for. It is incredible. Pop sensibility at its best, while maintaining the '77 punk energy.

Descendents started in '78 in Manhattan Beach, California. Their lyrical content sets them apart from most other punk bands--many of their songs are about girls, rejection, and parents. Their songs are sarcastic and bitter. This is why I love Milo Goes To College (1982). The songs are fast and short, and while they aren't as melodic as Buzzcocks, they are more melodic than most of the first-wave punk bands. I just found out that Spin listed it the number one hardcore album of all time, awesome. Another point of interest is that this album has 4 songs with the word 'age' in their title.

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