Saturday, May 30, 2009

listen=dj signify

Recently came upon another gem on WFLM. What makes WFLM one of my favorite blogs is that it posts a lot of stuff that none of the other blogs i read would ever post, like metal, low fi, underground, and classic records. Really random, generally dark, generally great.

DJ Signify released the Signify N' Breaks mixtape in 1996--the same year that a lot (i guess) was going on with instrumental hip-hop: DJ Shadow released Endtroducing..., and, well, that's all that I know. One thing about breakbeat/instrumental hip-hop that I've found is that most well-educated music aficionados still know very little about the genre other than that Endtroducing... was a seminal album in the genre and that its reissue got a 10 on pitchfork. For those who haven't heard the album, I highly recommend it. The album can be listened to in so many ways and yield such different reactions. It's perfect for driving and chilling to. I love trying to picture DJ Shadow at the turntables, crafting the samples from his immense record collection, weaving such different sounds together to craft cohesive grooves.

So, back to DJ Signify: You should have this album, at the very least, to be a companion to your copy of Endtroducing.... Educate yourself about this excellent genre. Listen and enjoy.

try DJ Signify's Signify N' Breaks via WFLM

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